Short Form Video That Creates Sponsor Value

F1 Rocks: Short Form Video

The task

F1 Rocks wanted to increase the value of its sponsorship rights for partner Pirelli around its F1 Rocks Sao Paulo live music shows featuring Jessie J and Macy Gray.

How could we make a music event in Brazil appeal to a global TV audience increasing the media exposure for sponsor Pirelli?


  • The content was aired in over 103 countries
  • Delivering 67.8 million viewers
  • A media value of $16.1 million for Pirelli


We identified how we could create content that TV and websites around the world would find entertaining, whilst maximizing exposure for Pirelli.

We worked in sync with F1 Rocks (rights holder), Big Foot (production company), Pirelli and Precious Media to blend the right creative approach that would deliver value for all stakeholders: drivers, F1 team, artists, rights holder, sponsor and broadcasters.



Content Creation

Pirelli agreed to host a series of driving stunts at their test track with Bruno Senna and Vitally Petrov scaring the life out of Macy Gray.

A series of videos were produced integrating Pirelli branding and product messaging into the feature, based around the driving stunts, a visit to the paddock and excerpts of Jessie J and Macy Gray’s live show.


The features – with different level of sponsor branding suitable for different broadcasters and platforms – were distributed to F1 TV channels for use in their pre-race shows, plus news media and websites around the world.

Other F1 Rocks videos have featured Eminem, Beyonce, No Doubt, Black Eyed Peas, Jamiroquai, David Guetta, Lenny Kravitz and drivers including Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa and Mark Webber.

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