Sauber F1 Team

Task: The Sauber Formula 1 team and production company Mach2Media were keen to create a TV vehicle that would deliver global exposure for its sponsor partners and build the profile of its new driver, Marcus Ericsson.

Solution: Create a TV documentary – REstart: The Driver who came from the cold - that captures the drama and excitement as the team and Marcus get in shape for the new season.

Distribute the show to international broadcasters and In-Flight Entertainment services around the world to maximise exposure for Sauber and its sponsors.

Results: The show was particularly popular amongst broadcasters who desperately needed new F1 material that drove interest in the upcoming new season, many of which repeated the shows on dozens of occasions, as it was an ideal pre-season show.

It aired on broadcasters such as RTBF, Fox Sports Asia and SKY Sports in over 130 markets and on a variety of airlines, including as Singapore Airlines and SAS.

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