Task: SAP want to amplify its technology partnership with the McLaren Formula 1 team, creating content that earns global reach and engagement.

But let’s be honest, ‘data’ isn’t the sexiest of subjects.

So, how can we humanise the SAP brand highlighting how data helps the McLaren F1 team run faster?

Solution: Develop a series of insightful and entertaining stories that bring data to life for the F1 fan. Each based on topical, timely editorial ‘hooks’ that appeal to F1 media, whilst conveying SAP’s messaging and values.

These include two types of format:

1. Short form features (2-3 minutes) for use by F1 broadcasters in their pre-race shows, with different versions created for social media platforms.

Click the links below to see the range of SAP videos created around different story themes – Planning for the new season, comparing The World Cup with F1, or the desire to achieve ‘The Perfect Lap‘.

2. Long form TV show (30 minutes) for use by sports broadcasters and In-Flight Entertainment services.

1. These Short Form features are used by the majority of F1 broadcasters – including Globo, RTL, Sky Sports F1, TV3 and Fox Sports Latin America - in their pre-race shows.

These deliver an average of 25-30 million viewers across over 150 markets per distribution. Versions of these videos have also generated over 500,000 online video views.

2. SAP’s Long Form TV show on The Perfect Lap was aired in over 100 markets by broadcasters and In-Flight Entertainment services on airlines such as British Airways, Singapore Airlines and Emirates amplifying SAP’s reach from sports fans to business users.

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