Johnnie Walker

Aims: - Amplify Johnnie Walker’s sponsorship of the McLaren F1 team and communicate its brand values in an emotionally engaging manner.

- Earn global media reach, harnessing the mass audiences that F1 broadcasters can deliver

Solution: We have worked with Diageo – with partners Precious – since 2011 to guide the Johnnie Walker brand on how to create and distribute a series of entertaining short-form videos that make the most of its access to McLaren’s F1 drivers and the team.

The key being to be ‘demand-driven’, creating editorial features in a format, tone and duration that appeals to F1′s network of global broadcasters. For them to use these features in their pre-race shows. To earn media.

Whilst integrating the brand into the narrative without compromising the integrity of the piece, or breaking local broadcast regulations. And complementing TV, with digital distribution.

Results: Between 20m-50m TV viewers per feature, with the piece seen on broadcasters in over 150+ markets. Digital views of up to 200,000 You Tube views per feature.

Johnnie Walker: Joy Will Take You Further

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